Being a part of the community means working with other businesses in the area, this year we worked on a project with the Steet Ponte dealership to renovate their parts and service department.
It’s nice to see businesses growing in our community and with this Steet Ponte project we were able to accommodate our customer with much needed upgrades for their dealership.
We we built a new in-house detailing service area so the dealership can now offer vehicle detailing for their customers. The project also included construction of a new customer greeting area and waiting area where customers can wait for the cars to be worked on in a comfortable environment.
All of these improvements have made the dealership a better place and created more service options and comfort for their customers.
At a glance when you go in to the dealership and you see all the improvements but you don’t always see all the hard work and planning. We moved a bunch of walls did plumbing work and then of course the complete build on all of the new greeting area and service department.
We look forward to doing more work with Steet Ponte in the future and other businesses in our community here in Central New York.